Parenting a Child Vs Parenting a Machine: What’s more challenging?

Few days back, I became a parent, and have realized that its way more beautiful and way more challenging to parent a child than to parent a machine.

When I say, parent a machine means teaching a machine, how to work. You know , I am also one of those, who is into the world of machine learning!

Because Babies (humans) are smart and they have mind of their own.

Humans have 5 senses (of-course some may have sixth or beyond) which are inherent and that’s the beauty of nature or mankind. So the babies are always learning, through observations, through listening, through smelling, through feeling and through talking (how new born learns through talking?). Yes they do continuous learn through all these senses and develop their own understanding of the world around them. What we teach or feed is one of many ways the new born babies learn, which is beautiful to observe. But then why challenging, because what they learn and how they learn is beyond your control beyond a point and that’s why we all have unique personalities, even in a family.

Now let’s talk about parenting a machine, which was quite interesting and challenging for me till now, but… Anyways machines do not have all these senses and they learn only and only, what you teach them. They will never figure out right(subjective) on their own. That’s why

Machine can never replace humans, where humans are not working like machines..

Machine needs lots and lots of data (BIG DATA) to recognize a face. But my baby started recognizing his mother the same day, with very small data. Wow!

I don’t think I need to explain this, but just to give an example. I have developed many machine learning models till now but never has machined for a single time smiled back at me.

It is really amazing to explore this analogy and hopefully I will learn more from my parenting experience to build better machine learning models.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” –Frederick Douglass

Extend the above thought to your machine learning models.

Explorer | Teacher | AI Consultant, CXO Advisory | 18 Patents | 2 International Publications | |

Explorer | Teacher | AI Consultant, CXO Advisory | 18 Patents | 2 International Publications | |