Startup to Unicorn = NoOps to DevOps

Today, let’s talk about the journey of a startup moving towards being a Unicorn, and how its journey is similar (if not exact) to Application Development Journey of following, NoOps to DevOps.

Hypothetical Scenario: I with 5 youngsters (fresh from College), floated a start-up 2 years back, on developing an yet another aggregator app, providing a dedicated service in one city for few people/customers.

As I was working with only 5 but excellent and bright young minds, I talked to them on a daily basis on the latest developments, and almost all of us got involved into all the functions of any normal Organization, be it Sales, Marketing, Product Development and so on…

Within one year, we had started 4 more services. Looking at the growth of the Company, we decided to hire 20 more young bright minds. Now looking at the team size, it became difficult for me to talk to 25 people on a continuous basis, so I promoted my 5 old guys to the team lead position and I started communicating only to them on a daily basis. Also we divided them into 5 different teams dedicated to one service each, of the total 5 services.

Next year, looking at the tremendous growth we expanded to different geographies. Ofcourse we aimed to become an yet another successful Unicorn. So we started setting up similar teams in different Geographies.

So when we were expanding, what was happening to our product (application) development, it was also moving from following - No Operations to becoming a structured application development i.e. DevOps

Look at the below picture to understand the similarity

Its really fascinating to see how the teachings/knowledge from one field applies to another…

“Great Design is Great Complexity presented by Great Simplicity” — M Cobanli

Explorer | Teacher | AI Consultant, CXO Advisory | 18 Patents | 2 International Publications | |

Explorer | Teacher | AI Consultant, CXO Advisory | 18 Patents | 2 International Publications | |